(For Preschool-age Students)

6:30 Center Opens, Welcomes, Table Toys, Breakfast on Request

Quiet, student initiated activities begin our day. You might see friends sharing a book or working on a puzzle together. Many students enjoy challenging the teachers to a game during this time. One table is set aside for eating (parents must provide the food, we provide milk and bowls).

8:00 Clean Up

8:30 Outdoors/Gross Motor

This is a time to “get the wiggles out!” CFK students have a playground right outside their door. Additionally we sometimes visit the gym, ride bikes behind the church or play games in the field.

9:00 Bathroom Break

9:15 Snack

10:00 Bible Lesson

Prayer and Christian learning is integrated throughout our day. Students also enjoy a dedicated time to learn Biblical truths in developmentally appropriate ways including selected Bible verses, songs, art, books and illustrations.

10:30 Choice Centers

Play is the work of children. The items in each center are changed frequently to support our themes and maintain student interest. Teachers encourage the development of language skills during this time through interactions with the students.

11:15 Circle Time (Math and Literacy)

Students are divided by age groups for circle time so that skills presented may reinforce lessons from the preschool classrooms.

11:30 Wash Hands

11:45 Lunch

Parents may choose to pack a lunch for their child, or purchase one through the school lunch program. CFK will supply milk for all students.

12:15 Clean-Up/Bathroom Break

12:30 Reading-Rest Time or Games, Puzzles and Art

All students are asked to do an independent quiet/restful activity for at least 20 minutes. Students who nap are provided with a cot, and may bring a small pillow or blanket from home. Those who do not nap are engaged in a variety of small group activities during this time.

3:00 Stories/Finger-Plays

Students join together in the afternoon for songs and finger-play activities that encourage literacy

3:15 Snack

(All snacks are provided by CFK.)

3:30 Songs/Group Games

After snack, we usually have time for one or two favorite songs while waiting for our friends to return from school.

3:45 Outdoors

It’s time to challenge our physical skills with climbing, jumping, throwing, catching and swinging.

4:30 Centers

In the late afternoon pre-school students gather together for choice centers.

5:15 Games and Goodbyes

Finally it its time to clean up and say our goodbyes.

6:00 Center Closes